Welcome Gypsy!

This adorable 5 year old darling has spent most of her life making babies. She is surprisingly socialized for a breeder though. She walks on a leash and loves humans. She is a bit dominate with dogs when challenged by another one, but we feel she would fine with another submissive, laid back dog. She is active and the sweetest girl in the world. We feel she would do best in home where someone could be home to love on her and she doesn’t have to sit in a crate all day. She would love to go out on walks and explore new territory. Gypsy’s adoption fee is $300. How could you say no to that face??? APPLY TODAY!

Welcome Lollie!

This beautiful, hazel eyed girl just turned 1 year old. Lollie has had some basic obedience training, and does a beautiful sit and heel command. She does okay in a crate, but would prefer to sleep on a dog bed in her families room. She loves to be outside catching rays, going for walks, and will chase a ball for as long as you’ll throw it. We think she’ll be perfect with an active family, but is also happy snuggling on the couch. She is nervous meeting new dog friends and would be better in a home where she can be the dominant queen of her castle, either with submissive friends or soaking up all her families love. Lollie’s adoption fee is $400. This girl is too pretty to pass up! APPLY TODAY!

Welcome Lil’ Bit!

This adorable, 2-3 year old girl is okay in a crate and does not like to share her love with another animal in the household. She needs to be the only animal. She is a lovely, sweet girl who is energetic and loves to play with her family though! She does okay on a leash and sits on command. She is pretty versatile.....she would do great with an active family or one that is calmer and quiet. Lil’ Bit’s adoption fee is $350. Apply for today for this beauty! APPLY TODAY!

Welcome Simba!

This adorable thing we affectionately call, “Chunk”, was born in our rescue to Smilee on 5-12-19. He is 1/2 purebred Boston, but we do not know what breed his father is. He been well socialized with other dogs and people. His foster home even has a couple of kiddos that he loves to chase and terrorize. He is ALL puppy, so he has a lot of energy and LOVES to play. He is a lazier type puppy, so he shouldn’t be totally crazy as he grows. He is working on crate training and housebreaking, but expect to do some training in these areas. As typical puppies do....he likes to chew on things, so providing him with safe toys and clutter kept up is essential. He would do best with an active family who would take him out and about to have some fun and do new things. Simba’s adoption fee is $250. Everyone loves puppies, so here’s your chance to adopt a cutie! APPLY TODAY!

Welcome Duke!

Duke was adopted from us as a young puppy. Due to absolutely no fault of his own, he has been returned to us. He is 2 years old, crate trained and gets along with other dogs. He’s about 50lbs and believe it or not, DNA results shows he’s 35% English Bulldog! He would do great with a young family that likes to get out and explore, as he likes to be outside and is energetic. He loves going for walks and playing. He would do best in a family with another dog to play with. He is very well mannered, knows basic commands and a very good boy over all. Duke was also raised around children. We pulled his mom from a shelter and 2 days later, she had 11 puppies! She is now a therapy dog. No, he’s not a Boston Terrier, but you won’t find a better dog! Duke’s adoption fee is $150. Won’t someone give this awesome boy a chance so he can be a family member again? APPLY TODAY!

***On Medical Hold***

Welcome Joe!

How handsome is this beefy face???Joe is just shy of 2 years old, gets along with other dogs and does okay in a crate. He is energetic, playful, sweet and loves to cuddle. He’s a very good boy and is very willing to please. Joe would do great in just about any type of family. Joe has not had the best of preventative medical care in his life. He was intact and is heartworm positive. He will be available to adopt as soon as he’s treated, but we will take applications now on him. Joe’s adoption fee is $350. A face like that would be very easy to wake up to every morning! APPLY TODAY!

Welcome Dundee!

This handsome, little dude is 8-9 years old, gets along with other dogs and is working on crate training. He’s very energetic and is always ready to go. He’s really sweet, loves to play and cuddle. Dundee will need a secure fence and a new responsible family. He comes to us from a shelter and was picked up by animal control several times for being at large. His family was tired of him and said the shelter could have him to do what they wanted with him. Luckily for him....they chose to send him to us! His maintenance medical care has been neglected, as he was intact and heartworm positive. He will be available as soon as he’s been treated for the heartworms and we will accept applications on him now. Dundee’s adoption fee is $200. This sweet guy sure needs a family that loves him and gives him proper care this time! APPLY TODAY!

Welcome Jade!

Jade is 3 years old, gets along with other dogs and is working on crate training. She comes to us as a breeder surrender, although she’s never had puppies. She grew up in a kennel and was supposed to have spent her life making babies, but she never would breed. Her life is really just beginning. She gets to finally experience the fun things that normal puppies have. She will have to learn what it’s like to be a family cherished pet. She will need to start all the training, but she’s more than willing to learn new things for a new family to love! We think she would do best with another dog. She’s used to multiple dogs around, but she will need to learn to play. Jade is super sweet, but shy and would love to cuddle on the couch with you. We feel she would do best in a quieter household. Jade’s adoption fee is $350. She has a lot of love to give and can’t wait to join your family! APPLY TODAY!

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