ClaireeWelcome Clairee!

Miss Clairee is approximately 8 years. She gets along well with other dogs and really should have another dog for a buddy. It helps her feel more secure. We pulled Clairee from a shelter where she served her stray hold, but we are certain she has been a breeder. She’s fairly shy until she gets to know you. She would do best in a calmer home, where she can lounge around and learn what being a loved family pet is. Clairee does okay in a crate, but cannot “hold it” it left for extremely long hours. She would LOVE a retired family! Her current foster home has a doggie door and she is learning how to use it. She’s really sweet, calm and on the smaller side at about 15lbs. Clairee’s adoption fee is $200. You can’t go wrong with this adorable girl. The breeder mammas are so grateful to actually be loved and have a real family! (Clairee has been adopted! Thank you Hallman family!)

WhiskeyWelcome Whiskey!

Eleven month old Whiskey is one handsome dude! He’s a beautiful brindle with striking markings. He gets along with other dogs and does okay in a crate. He loves to play and cuddle as well. He’s a typical almost one year old puppy and will need an active family. Whiskey has had some old injuries to his eyes, but they have healed and no treatment will be required. It doesn’t affect his vision one bit. Whiskey’s adoption fee is $400. This gorgeous boy would love to follow your family home! (Whiskey has been adopted! Thank you Sparks family!)

TBoneWelcome T-Bone!

T-Bone is a 2 to 3 year old, energetic pup who loves to go for runs alongside his human kids. After he’s done playing, he snuggles up and falls asleep. He is crate-trained and, although we don’t promise our dogs to be housebroken, he has done well about not pottying in his foster home. He gets along with other female dogs but would do best in a home with no other male dogs. He’s done well with all humans that he has met and adores people and attention. T-Bone’s adoption fee is $350. This goofy guy would love to be a part of your family! (T Bone has been adopted! Thank you Smith family!)